Counterfeits and Completeness

How we handle non-genuine and counterfeit cards
All cards submitted must be genuin. This means that they must be produced on commission by the rights holders of the respective games (official factory prints). When sending their card, the customer indicates that it is genuine. If the card is modified, for example by a signature, the customer must clearly note this in the order. If we cannot identify a card as genuine we will stop processing this card without refunding the processing fee. In addition, we reserve the right to file a complaint for fraud or fraudulent deception.

Howe we handle missing cards and cards in excess
Each shipment is opened upon receipt and its contents are checked for completeness. If the cards in the box differ from the content of the online submission, the grading process is stopped until the matter is clarified. The opening of the shipments, the completeness check and the authenticity check of all submitted cards are documented on video in a legally compliant manner.